1. No member may play in any Club Competition unless her membership is paid by 1st March 2018
  2. A player must:
    1. Enter the Competition in the Pro-Shop before playing using the player’s ILGU card.
    2. Except in the case of 18 holes singles competition, it is up to the player to ensure that the Competition Name, Player Name, Handicap and Date is entered correctly on the scorecard. In the case of an 18 holes singles competitions your ILGU card will be swiped by the person in the Pro-Shop and all relevant details will be printed on the card.
    3. When the 18 holes are finished, the scorecard must be signed by the player and countersigned by the marker, your score entered in the computer in the hallway and placed in the ladies scorecard box in the hall. N.B. All cards must be returned.
  3. Player’s Responsibility: To be eligible to play in any competition a player must have a current handicap. Each player is responsible for her own Handicap and Handicap Adjustments and for ensuring that she plays off her correct Handicap. If in doubt, check the Notice Board for any change in Playing Handicap.   Your Playing Handicap will be revised after each singles qualifying competition immediately after the CSS is calculated.  Handicaps will be automatically revised on Tuesday and Sunday following qualifying competitions and on any other day at player’s request.

Classics & Society outings played at home and all away scores must be recorded on the sheet in Ladies Locker Room, reference specific instruction for reporting of Away Scores and Classic & Society Outings played at Home. 

  1. Tuesday Competitions: All Ladies playing in Tuesday Competitions must enter a draw or BRS. Times should be strictly adhered to. Ladies playing in the draw must have entered the competition in the Pro-Shop and have paid the entry fee before the designated draw time. The person in the Pro-Shop will take the competition fee, enter the player’s name in the competition book and issue but retain the person’s scorecard until the official draw time. 2’s money will be taken in the Pro-Shop & will also be written in the book.
    • Draws: Morning 10.00 a.m.  Niners  12.00.  Members Time: 12.30 to 1.30p.m. Afternoon Draw – 1.30 pm. Otherwise refer to BRS. Preferably, players should play in 3’s (except where there are only 2 or 4 in a draw). Ladies playing in 3’s please allow Ladies in 2’s to go through if they are waiting behind and if the course is free in front.
    • Timesheet is obsolete if play delayed due to adverse weather – members must play on first come first served basis.
  2. To be eligible to play in the Lady Captain’s Prize 2 -18 Holes Singles Competition Cards must be returned. New Members / Beginner must have returned 3 -18 Holes Singles Competition Cards from your home club. All categories are eligible to play in the Lady Captain’s Prize.    Juvenile, student, beginner’s category, outlying and overseas members are eligible to play in Major Competitions i.e. Lady Captain’s Prize, Captain’s Prize to the Ladies and President’s Prize but prizes will only be awarded to juvenile, student, beginner’s category, outlying and overseas members from third position down.
  3. Ties shall be decided according to the ILGU Rule Book.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to correct any mistake made in the checking of cards.
  5. The minimum numbers necessary for weekly competitions are as follows:
    • Weekly 18 Holes Competitions: 10 Entries                             
    • Major Competitions: 20 Entries         
    • Team Event: 5 Entries
    • Competitions of less than 18 holes: (including teams)       Min. of 5 required
    • If there are fewer than 10 entries for 18 Holes Competition, competition will automatically be cancelled.
    • Entry fees will hold for next competition.  (Cards will hold for handicap)
  6. Medal Competitions will be according to Fixture Card.
  7. Golfer of the year will be awarded to the player with the most points scored from designated GOY singles competitions In the event of a tie for Golfer of the Year, there will be a playoff over 18 Holes.
  8. It is not permissible to play Tuesday (Saturday for Tuesday) competitions in conjunction with any other competition e.g. Society Outings.
  9. Penalties for Tuesday Competitions of less than 18 holes:
    • First Prize: -2             Second Prize:    -1              (Sunday Penalties -1 for singles and teams)
    • For each time you play and do not feature you will receive a penalty shot back
  10. Gross Prize: There will be no gross prize awarded in any competition of less than 18 holes.
  11. Motorised Buggies:  Buggies are permitted for club competitions without certification.
  12. The Board of the I.L.G.U. has decided to change it’s policy on the use of DMDs in 2013 whereby the Generic Conditions will be amended to permit the use of DMDS at all I.L.G.U. events provided that the DMDs conform to the Regulations as set down by the R&A. At club level, DMDs may only be used if Local Rules of the Club permit use of same.
  13. Mobile Phones: If you must take your mobile phone on the course please ensure it is on silent/vibrate mode at all times.


The Committee Reserves the right to make any alterations they consider necessary to the above rules for 2018


                                                                                    Annette Boland, Hon. Secretary February 2018